THE TIME HAS COME.... THAT TIRED BATHROOM MUST GO!!! Things to Consider in a Remodel Project from a
No Matter the Room or Size of the Project, Make Sure to Come with a Plan Step 1: Before you even begin have an image of what the final project should look like. A simple search on google images can offer a plethora of ideas and can even be overwhelming at times. This can help you select a layout and functional design as well as the desired finished and overall aesthetic of the room. You may find things you never even thought of during the course of this homework. All rooms will have certain advantages and limitations, know and explore ...
A Lesson in Being a Real Estate Investor or Landlord....
By Matt
July 21, 2015
Pasadena Occupancy Inspection & How it Impacts the Transaction
By Matt
July 3, 2013
Many home buyers and sellers find themselves taken aback when they find that the City of Pasadena requires an occupancy inspection prior to the close of escrow on any single or multi-family dwelling units. (This only pertains to those parts of the city under it's jurisdiction and do not apply to unincorporated areas)Normally the process is started by either the seller of the property or the sellers listing agent at the Code Compliance Section of the Planning & Development Dept, located in the permit center at 175 N Garfield. The fee is determined on the amount of units and property ...
Selling Your Home in AS IS Condition...What that Really Constitutes!
By Matt
May 9, 2013
Often times sellers put their home on the market and list it to be sold in AS IS condition. This means that they will not do any repairs, will not offer any credits and will not give termite clearance. There intention is to do just as they say...sell the home in it's current AS IS condition! However as many home sellers are experiencing in this current real estate climate, this is not always possible. Depending on the condition of the home and the type of financing the buyer is using to purchase the property it may be out of ...
Preparing to Sell Your Home and How to Get the Highest Return
By Matt
April 8, 2013
I am often asked in casual conversation or when someone has decided to list their home....what are the most important and cost effective things I can do to get my home sold. Below are my list of top ideas to make your home shine and what help you and your real estate professional sell your home for the most money in the most efficient amount of time. 1. Lose the clutter! Nothing can clog or narrow a floor plan like a cluttered home. This often times involves moving that item or items of furniture that has sentimental value to a ...