THE TIME HAS COME.... THAT TIRED BATHROOM MUST GO!!! Things to Consider in a Remodel Project from a

No Matter the Room or Size of the Project, Make Sure to Come with a Plan

Step 1: Before you even begin have an image of what the final project should look likeA simple search on google images can offer a plethora of ideas and can even be overwhelming at times. This can help you select a layout and functional design as well as the desired finished and overall aesthetic of the room. You may find things you never even thought of during the course of this homework. All rooms will have certain advantages and limitations, know and explore yours before starting any remodel.

Step 2: Interview, shop and research the appropriate professionals to help you accomplish your goal. Referrals, as in my line of business are a great way to meet someone with a proven track record and history. However some degree of additional personal researching on sites like Angieslist or Yelp online can also provide a good source of candidates. In this particular instance I was fortunate enough to have a great referral from a close friend and client that had worked on mutiple properties with this contractor. I helped them purchase and sell these homes so I had initimate knowledge of the contractor and had seen his diligence and final product. Special shout out to Diana & Gideon, thanks guys!!!

Step 3: Do the job right and listen to your professionals. Too often we are blinded by the thought of saving a few bucks here and there only to undermine the lasting integrity of someting over the long haul. Spending a little more at the time of installation can save you massive amounts of money and time down the road. Case in point...valves/plumbing that are hidden behind a wall. Also consider fixtures like faucets that take the abuse of every day use. Your contractor usually knows which is a good product and which isn't. Listen to'll be glad you did!!

Step 4: Remain focused and involved. No one likes a customer breathing down their neck at every turn in the project but a well advised and informed one will help keep a contractor updated on what is to be expected of them and the customer aware of any potential issues that they may come across. Further, it helps to ensure that the project comes out right the first time and can aid in dealing with roadbloacks or design challenges. Life tends to get busy and Murphy's Law can apply, don't let distractions draw your attention away from your investment. Stay involved until the very end!!!


I purchased this condo in Monterey Hills just over 3 years ago and did a massive remodel on almost every aspect of the interior...with the exception of the bathroom!! Well enough was enough, and as you can see from above it went from the ugly duckling to a thing of sharp modern beauty