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The process of searching for a new home is both exhilarating and daunting, with numerous details demanding attention. Prioritize focus on five crucial areas: electrical systems, foundation integrity, plumbing, attic conditions, and landscaping features. According to Don Walker, proprietor of Ace Home Inspections, these facets frequently harbor issues warranting scrutiny.

Electrical Systems:

Contrary to common assumptions, even newer homes may harbor electrical deficiencies. Walker recounts an instance where a seemingly new house exhibited electrical faults. Vigilant inspection uncovers potential problems at an early stage.

Foundation Integrity:

Walker’s inspection of a four-year-old dwelling unveiled significant structural damage, with prognosis indicating substantial repair costs. Improper landscaping, such as planting trees too close to the foundation, can exacerbate such issues, leading to depreciated property value.


Often overlooked yet significant, plumbing issues can foster mold growth, particularly beneath sinks. Walker emphasizes the importance of addressing leaks promptly and recommends caulking sinks to mitigate mold formation.

Attic Conditions:

The attic serves as a window into the home’s history, revealing past repairs and potential issues. Insulation replacement may signal prior water damage, while a thorough attic inspection can assess the roof’s condition and identify structural concerns.

Landscaping Features:

Maintaining a distance of at least 12 inches between the house and landscaping elements is crucial to prevent foundation damage. Poor landscaping practices, such as excessive moisture or proximity to the home, can lead to foundation cracking.

Preparing to purchase a home entails more than securing financing; educating oneself about the property and its maintenance requirements is essential. Investing in this knowledge can yield substantial savings in the long run.